The worlds first analog/digital Receiver IC
The CME8000 is a BiCMOS integrated straight through receiver with build in very high sensitivity and a pre-decoding of the time signal transmitted from WWVB, DCF77, JJY, MSF and HBG. The receiver is prepared for multi-mode reception by using an integrated logic. Integrated functions as stand by mode, integrated antenna switching, integrated crystal switching and a hold mode function offer features for universal applications.

The power down mode increases the battery lifetime significantly and makes the device ideal for all kinds of radio controlled time pieces.
  • Low power consumption (<100A)
  • Very high sensitivity (0.4V)
  • Build in pulse decoding for different protocols
  • Switchable for 3 different frequencies
  • High selectivity by using crystal filter
  • Power down mode
  • Only a few external components necessary
  • AGC hold mode
  • Wide frequency range (40 ... 120 kHz)
  • Low power applications (1.2 .. 5.0 V
  • Automatic protocol recognition
  • Pre-decoded protocol information
  • Fast data transfer to CPU (100ms)
  • Use of the CPU clock (32768Hz)
  • Improved noise resistance
  • Integrated AGC adaptation
  • Two built-in low impedance antenna switches (40 Ohm/3V)
  • True Bit strength indication
  • Extended Battery operating time
  • Decoding of the signal extremely simplified
  • Simplified micro controller software
  • Simplified multi frequency handling
  • Easy world time piece design
  • Automatic country recognition
  • True signal quality information

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